Welcome to Charlotte Chinese Nong Jia Le

Meet & Greet...

A land flowing with milk and honey - Charlotte is one of America’s largest banking centers and one of the nation’s fast-growing metropolitan areas, new comers roll in daily from across the United States and around the globe, it's growing and becoming more and more busy city. However if you are looking for slower old south country life style sometimes or in the weekend, the delightful singing of the birds nearby, the soothing sound of rustling leaves, the grunting of piglets and being away from the noise and hassle of city life... all these and more invites you to my country side Nong Jia Le. Interesting enough, welcome to a world of quiet enjoyment;  Welcome to Charlotte Chinese farm. My name is Wen Ye, owner and operator; I’ve been in business and living in south Charlotte for 10 years, Charlotte is my favorite city and second home town. I’m pretty adventurous and therefore love trying out new things. My quest for new things happens to be the cradle on which Charlotte Chinese Nong Jia Le was born.  In a serene environment is located the beautiful and productive Waxhaw Union County NC. It is about 30 minutes drive from south Charlotte ballantyne  area, 10 minutes drive from one of the oldest town Waxhaw  in Union County (Originally called the Wysacky back in 1889), An environment that gives a perfect blend of serenity and productivity. Charlotte Chinese Nong Jia Le came to life in the year with the primary aim of serving the local community and Chinese community with the best of organically grown farm products,even in a serene environment.  We grow a variety of agricultural products like vegetable, fruits, cattle and other live stock. We also undertake the processing in a bid to make sure we adorn lives with best and exceptional organic products. To add values to our lives, we go the extra mile to host parties, family fun activities, get together and meet with us today!

Why Choose Us

We are not just another farmhouse; we are the intersection between quality agricultural products and fun-packed activity in a serene environment. We produce organic and healthy foods like strawberry, vegetables, etc. We also house livestock such as chicken, cow, sheep, pig, duck, etc.We also have fun filled varieties like fishing, camping, BBQ, mini golf, horse riding, four wheeler riding, bow or gun shooting games. 

Welcome Back Again Soon!

Hope you enjoy your visit and like our organic grow products, enjoy the family fun   activities and look forward to seeing you again soon.